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Q: Is this site real?

A: It would be illegal for cops to motivate you to do a crime. So yes, our site is real.

Q: How do I know you are not a scammer?

A: When we started selling online 6 years ago, we heard many stories about people getting scammed online (via Craigslist or other websites). We’re very sorry to hear that because it affect us in the same way. We lose potential customers because of other scumbags.

So, to answer your question. There is no way for us to prove you we are not scammers. So, yes, even we can scam you. Everybody can scam you. But, why would we scam you for a shitty $100, when we can earn 500, 1000 or even more in the long run if we just deliver you the product you ordered? And it’s also not all about the money, we built a reputation. You need to understand that it takes years to build what we did, and it only takes 10 seconds to lose all that. So, no, we will not in any way scam any of our customer. If we can’t deliver the product to you for some reason, we will just tell you straight up.

That’s all we can say on this topic. If you don’t want to buy something from us, you don’t have to. We don’t have time to motivate anybody, because we already have a large customers base we need to serve. Instead of motivating you to buy, we keep focusing on delivering products faster for customers who already know where to buy their drugs from! Scammers have all day to chat with you, motivating you to buy, because they don’t have customers. We do.

Q: Is my data safe?

A: Yes. We use your information only for shipping purposes. Once we ship you the product, we delete all information. We also do not store information online (pen and paper. We bury it after we’re done). We’re long in this business so we can take care of things like that.

Q: Can I get in trouble with customs/police?

A: No. As we’ve said, we’re long enough in this business. It’s not really in our interests to lose customers.

Q: How do you deliver drugs?

A: We ship our products only. Do not ask us about f2f or any other delivery method. You need to understand that this is ONLY real and anonymous way of delivering drugs in today’s world. Just Google and see for yourself how many times drug dealers and users got busted buying/selling online and offering face to face delivery.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: We ship from Netherlands for EU and Scandinavia customers. For US customers we ship from US. For CA (Canada) customers we ship from CA. For UK customers we ship from UK. And for AU customers we ship from AU.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We ship only to EU, AU, US, CA and UK since we’re in this market for a very long time (offline and online). WE DO NOT SHIP TO NETHERLANDS!

Q: What’s your shipping time?

A: Shipping time for US is 2-4 business days. For Canada 2-4 business days. For EU and Scandinavia customers is: 2-7 business days. For UK 1-3 business days. (Mostly it’s NDD – Next Day Delivery). For AU it’s 2-4 business days (for our friends in Perth it could take up to a week).

Q: How do you make sure I get my product?

A: We carefully pack each shipment for maximum stealth while maintaining a fresh cut quality. We employ proven security measures to ensure a discrete and successful delivery.

Q: What’s the quality of your drugs?

A: We will be short and simple here. For example our Cocaine is 100% UNCUT. 100% UNCUT always means a purity percentage of about 85-92 (0,85-0,92 FREEBASE). Instead of composing a wall of text here trying to persuade you of our quality, we will let you be the judge, since quality speaks for itself, there is no need for more text here.

Q: Is your drugs safe to use?

A: All our drugs are lab tested. Again, we are here for long-term customers. The more you live = more we earn. Our drugs are safe to use if used responsibly, like any other things (like alcohol for example).

Q: Why should I order from you and not on the streets?

A: When you’re buying from street dealers, you’re getting junk. And junk is for rats. Average purity percentage of street cocaine is about 20-40. They cut the product so they can maximize their profits. Once the drugs come to your wanna-be-street-drug-dealers it’s stepped so many times it becomes junk. We get our drugs directly from source in Colombia. We are supplier and distributor. In this way we cut of all middleman’s and we can offer you high quality cocaine for reasonable price.

Q: Accepted payment methods?

A: We accept Bitcoin most preferably or cashapp on request.

Q: What is Bitcoin?

A: You can learn more about Bitcoin on their site here

Q: How to buy Bitcoin?

A: Go to and create your personal wallet. Use valid email address during registration.

Now you have to choose and exchanger: accepts credit cards and bank wire transfer

Q: How to order?

A: In order to submit your order, please send us your order of coke or any other drug (example, 1g coke, 2g weed, 3g heroin, etc) on email with the following format:

firstname + lastname

streetname + number

postalcode + city

state (For US, CA and AU customers only)



Q: How to pay with Bitcoin?

A: Once you send us your order on email, we will send you our Bitcoin address or Cashapp. You need to send us the amount of money the product costs. Once we receive money, your product will be dispatched the same day.

Q: Why do I need to pay up-front?

A: You need to understand that it costs us time and money to buy the drug from our source and then to package and ship the product. Many times customers cancel the order when we already sent the package. In this way we lose the money. We deal only with serious people. If you can’t afford this, then please don’t even order with us anything. Thanks!

Q: What happens if I have not received my order?

A: Once your order is placed there is no reason why you would not get it. But if for some reason package get lost or seized (In our 6 years online business our package almost never got seized by the police. We have over 96% success on package deliveries) we will do full-reship of product if we feel you are not lying to us.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No. All sales are final.